I have worked with horses for forty years. Through the many years of caring for horses I have developed an understanding for how horses think and interact as a herd. My mission is to help you with many issues including loading, aggressive behavior and basic horse care. I would like to assist you with assessing lameness issues and how to treat them. I am also available for pre-purchase consulting. My many years of working at the track with my families' Standardbreds has given me an eye for recognizing lameness issues. I would like the opportunity to teach you to become a more knowledgeable horseman.

I have taken over the past decade, many of the same beliefs for working with horses into working with rescue dogs. My wife and I have been in rescue for many years and have fostered hundreds of dogs and puppies. This has taught me how dogs speak to one another and work and exist in a pack. The understanding of body language is vital to be able to work with such issues as dog and human aggression and anti-social behavior which can be dangerous. Other issues that I have much experience with is food aggression and a basic lack of confidence which often leads to fear aggression. If you need help with any behavioral issues and want a better over all understanding of your dog, I would like to assist you with that also.


"Rob has been working with my mini mare who has many issues. We have made much progress in a short time. I recommend Rob to anyone with a horse with issues being handled." ~ Laurie T.

"Look no further if you need help in training, or better word would be understanding, your puppy or dog. As an owner of three rescue dogs, who all came from different places and backgrounds, are home was in a "bit" of turmoil. With Rob's patient guidance, we learned how to apply certain techniques that helped us to better understand the needs of  "our pack". Our home is now a much happier place for everyone. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone and can't thank him enough." ~ Christine Calabrese McAllister

"Best trainer of animals I know, whether dog or horse he has endless knowledge and a special way of communicating with them. I have worked with Rob for two years and would highly recommend him for any degree of training." ~ Barbara Schnitzer

"I can honestly say that Rob changed my entire life, household etc by teaching us the "ins and outs" of doggy parenting. I adopted my latest dog from his wife and brought her into a home where my 4 year old shih tzu ruled the roost, the peace and harmony he brought here is amazing!!!" ~ Kathy Carleton DeSantis

"I have known Rob for many years in his capacity as a horseman. He grew up working on the Standardbred race horse track with his dad. Rob is tons savvy around horses, has a wonderful sense of humor and has helped me countless times with veterinary procedures, restraining and working with difficult horses. Responsible, reliable and hardworking, Rob and his wife Kristi have undertaken the noble mission of rescuing dogs and cats from animal shelters in the south. Additionally, Rob is now working as a canine trainer/consultant." ~ Dr. Matt Elliot, DVM

"Rob and Kristi helped us pick the perfect dog for our family. Rob has been very helpful by providing some training tips- and he gave us an in-home session to help ease the transition. Dante is a fantastic pet! We couldn't be happier and I highly recommend Rob's services." ~ Mara Freeman

"Rob's work with our rescue Shepherd Sam has been invaluable. Rob taught us how to keep Sam from bolting through an open door and it is amazing to see him now sit peacefully when the door is wide open. He taught us how to keep Sam from barking and running to the door when people come to our house, how to properly feed Sam and reward him, (without treats!), when deserved. Most importantly he crate trained Sam in one session which was no easy task since Sam has a severe crate aversion. Rob truly understands dogs and has taught us to see and appreciate our dog in a new light. His methods work and I would recommend him to anyone." ~ Cathy Dulecki

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